Frequently Asked Questions

Holistic Massage Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

This will depend on the type of treatment you are seeking to support your health/wellbeing goals.


Women’s Health and Menstrual Cycle Support:

Anything related to the menstrual cycle can take a minimum of 3 months to see an improvement. This is because it takes around 3 months (90-100 days) for an egg to fully prepare for release at ovulation. Monthly treatments are recommended after an initial two treatments for the first month. After the first 6 months treatment window, treatments can reduce to 2-3 monthly or as desired. It is better not to receive treatment while you have your period, especially if pain is an issue for you at this time in your cycle.  


Fertility Support:

Monthly treatments, after your period but before ovulation/embryo transfer is ideal. For optimum results consider commencing treatments at least 3 months before trying to conceive, 6 months is even better! It’s also never too late to start, no matter where you are in your journey I would absolutely be honoured to support you.


Pregnancy Massage:

Regular pregnancy massage can help ease normal pregnancy symptoms and discomforts as well as help prepare your body for birth. Monthly treatments throughout pregnancy with 1-2 treatments per week for the last month or so, or as needed.


Postnatal Massage:

For best results you should have 2-4 treatments to help support you in your fourth trimester and ease any leftover pregnancy/birth discomforts. This is also a great way to ease the discomforts of learning to breastfeed. Postnatal treatments are a popular reason for home visits, with your baby close and all of their things nearby. If you’ve had a caesarean section birth you can still enjoy a postnatal massage, just obtain a medical clearance (in writing) from your doctor or wait until 6 weeks.  


Scar Healing:

Most larger scars will require around 6 treatments, usually due to the number of layers involved in the scar. Small changes are noted after the first 2-3 treatments with the most noticeable changes occurring around the fourth/fifth treatment. Treatments can be as frequent as weekly.

Scar healing treatments can begin from 8 weeks post-op if no complications such as infection have occurred. If complications have occurred, then you can receive treatment 8 weeks post complication. You can benefit from postnatal massage with a written medical clearance from your doctor after the first week (this can be obtained when you are discharged from the hospital), or after 6 weeks without medical clearance.

Sometimes there is some discomfort, particularly in the more restricted areas of your scar, but it shouldn’t be painful. Pressure can be adjusted to suit you. There can also be emotional responses during the treatment, this is completely normal.

Massage during pregnancy is safe for all trimesters. As a specially trained pregnancy massage therapist, and practitioner of pregnancy massage (and previous student midwife), you are in very experienced hands. If you or your baby are being monitored by your medical team, or you are taking any medications, a medical clearance in the form of a written letter may be requested before the commencement of treatments. If you’re are unsure, contact Jess for a chat here.

Jess is honoured to provide her holistic massage therapy treatments for you in her tranquil rooms on Monday at Healing Arts Studio located in Adelaide CBD,  and Wednesday at Modern Acupuncture located at Frewville. Book at Healing Arts Studio here or at Modern Acupuncture here. Jess also provides treatments in the comfort and safety of your own home while maintaining Covid safety. Additional charges apply for home visits, contact Jess to book.