Pregnancy & Postnatal Support

Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage in Adelaide

Jess is a specialist practitioner providing pregnancy and postnatal massage in Adelaide. This is a full-body treatment suitable from conception to birth into the postnatal period.

Massage during pregnancy is a great way to ease many common discomforts and support the rapidly changing body preparing for birth. Regular pregnancy massage promotes general wellbeing by reducing anxiety, swelling, and muscular and joint pain, which help to improve sleep patterns. Pregnancy massage is a beautiful way to connect with your baby before you meet them.

Additionally, massage therapy during the postnatal period eases aches and pains following birth. It can promote physical healing in terms of swelling, joint pain, muscle tenderness, and stiffness. Postnatal massage can also ease tension from learning to breastfeed and improve milk production. It helps to regulate hormones, and reduce anxiety and depression by supporting mothers to relax and balance cortisol levels.

Would you like to learn more about Earthshine Villages’ pregnancy and postnatal massage in Adelaide, or have any questions regarding pregnancy massage and your specific needs? Contact Jess for a free 20-minute chat to explore how Earthshine Village can tailor a treatment plan for you.  


Pregnancy Massage Initial Treatment
90 mins | $172
Pregnancy Massage Subsequent Treatment
75 mins | $145
Postnatal Massage Initial Treatment
90 mins | $172
Postnatal Massage Subsequent Treatment
75 mins | $145
Womb Healing (Pregnancy/Baby Loss)
75 mins | $145

*Note: All prices are in AUD. The listed prices include minimum travel charges and these are calculated from Westbourne Park, South Australia. Additional travel charges may apply for greater distances. Please contact Jess to arrange a home visit and to discuss travel charges.