Healing Massage Therapy and Treatments

Arvigo® Therapy and Womb and Fertility Massage Therapy™ both work to ease reproductive pain or dysfunction, improving periods and fertility. Jess often combines the best of both these modalities to deliver healing massage therapy and treatments with an individualised approach to your needs.

With the addition of Pregnancy Massage and Scar Healing Earthshine Village offers massage therapy support through all phases of your wellness journey.


Women's Health/Menstrual Cycle Support Initial Treatment
120mins | $202
Women's Health/Menstrual Cycle Support Subsequent Treatments
90mins | $150
Fertility Support (Natural & IVF) Initial Treatment
120mins | $202
Fertility Support (Natural & IVF) Subsequent Treatment
90mins | $150
Pregnancy Massage Initial Treatment
100mins | $160
Pregnancy Massage Subsequent Treatment
75mins | $127
Postnatal Massage Initial Treatment
100mins | $160
Postnatal Massage Subsequent Treatment
75mins | $127
Womb Healing (Pregnancy/Baby Loss)
75mins | $127
Scar Healing (Initial)
75mins | $127
Scar Healing (Subsequent)
60mins | $113
Jess Channon providing home massage services in Adelaide to a female client.


• Digestive disorders (indigestion, reflux, constipation, IBS)

• Menstrual disorders (painful/heavy/irregular periods/PMS)

• Pelvic organ congestion (endometriosis/fibroids and ovarian cysts)


• Fertility enhancement (natural and assisted)

• Preconception through to postpartum

• Pelvic organ prolapse

• Surgery recovery (caesarean, laparoscopic procedures)

• Menopause symptoms


• A thorough review of your past and present health needs

• Upper and lower abdominal massage

• Evaluation of pelvic alignment, lower back bodywork and massage

• Instructions on self-abdominal massage

• Take home handouts/supplies for self-care techniques

• Recommendations on complementary supportive modalities, where appropriate

• Rebozo wrapping

Not sure how Jess can help? Jess tailors each treatment to address your specific health needs so let’s have a chat about your needs. 

*Note: All prices are in AUD. The listed prices are for in-clinic appointments, home visits are available (on request) and travel charges are calculated from Westbourne Park, South Australia. Please contact Jess to arrange a home visit.